‚UM-WEGE Finden‘

‚UM-WEGE Finden’
Site-specific Light-Object-Installation, Artist Book
© Susanne Kienbaum 2005

Dimensions: 8 illuminated boxes with hair objects, light chains, overall dimensions variabel
Materials: hair, tiles, copper, different light sources

Basis for this work were 12 interviews with women who lost their hair through chemotherapy. All interviews were transcribed and written into the artist book which could only be read at the site of the installation. The key sentences out of each interview were engraved into the 12 light chains.

The site of the installation were former bear caves down the city of Gera with an overall  humidity of 100%.

The 8 illuminated copper boxes were illuminated and the inner surface was covered with white tiles. Each box carried 3 hair objects, which were woven from fine wire and hairs. At the eigth box the hair objects were ‘freed’ and could freely move in the air.

The way out of the installation was twofold: one way ended in a blind tunnel at a box where a citation of Louise Bourgeois was written upon: ‘where are we going’….

The other way out of the installation could be entered through 12 light chains with the key citations and ended at the eighth box with the hair objects freely floating in the humid air…

The book contained the full interviews and could be read only at the site of the installation.

Concept | Realization: Susanne Kienbaum
Exhibition:  Höhler-Biennale, Gera, 2005

Fotos: © Susanne Kienbaum

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