‚Collateral Damage‘

‚Collateral Damage’
Light-Object-Installation, Video, Artist Book
© Susanne Kienbaum 2004

Dimensions: 60x10x10 each of the Light-Objects; overall dimensions variabel
Materials: polypropylene, horsetails, tiles, wood, insect lights

7 light-objects illuminated by insect lights show a total of 100 arabic male and female names. The light-objects are places on an underground covered with tiles. The video loop (55’) is showing (1) a figure from 1 to 100, (2) a foto of the respective name from one of the light objects, (3) the Arabic writing of the name, translation and female / male sign, (4) accompanied by a sharp noise the name is wiped out and the tile underneath is cleaned by a hand covered by a surgical glove until the tile is completely white and shining again, then the circle starts again with the next number and the next name etc…

An artist book is giving some background information on the Iraq war performed before 2004.

Concept | Realization: Susanne Kienbaum
Exhibition ‘Shining Places’, Gebauer Höfe, Berlin-Moabit, 2004

Fotos: © James Carman, Susanne Kienbaum

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