‚Mobiles Künstler Atelier | SPAREN’

‚Mobiles Künstler Atelier | SPAREN’
© Susanne Kienbaum 2011

Dimensions: overall dimensions variable according to respective scaffold; in this case: 238x200x150
Materials: scaffold; 260 wooden boxes from the nearby market place, wooden box with light source blinking in two colours 60x20x20

The scaffold was used for constructing a mobile studio build by wooden  boxes from the nearby market where formerly Rucola had been sold. The light source was found in the cellar of the house and was modified: the original word ‘SPIELWAREN’ was modified into ‘SPAREN’ by darkening the letters ‘IELW’.

Every day the ‘Mobiles Künstler Atelier’ was constructed and deconstructed – according to the purpose: the project is my personal suggestion concerning the increasing lack of studio spaces for artists: the ‘Mobiles Künstler Atelier’ is supposed to move together with the scaffold to the next construction site – a suggestion naming the link between artists and gentrification processes in metropoles – recently also in Berlin.

Concept | Realization: Susanne Kienbaum
Open Studio | K: S-p-a-c-e Berlin 2011

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